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By tallaghttheatre, Jan 20 2014 10:19AM

Tallaght Theatre's New Membership drive has launched this morning with a bang

#JoinTheScene2014 is new and exciting innicitive which will run on and off throughout 2014.

As TTG receives a substantial amount of applications to join each year.

The board of directors along with our online team devised "Join The Scene"

This new and exclusive online application form allows members of the public to apply to become a Tallaght Theatre member...

Whether it's acting, directing, back stage or front of house,

We here at Tallaght Theatre want to make applying to become a member, open to EVERYONE!

It's also a first for Tallaght Theatre, and although #JoinTheScene2014 is only open to applications for a brief period of time...

We can assure you that it will return at intervals throughout the year...

So, do you think you got what it takes?

or are willing to learn, make new friends and have fun doing so?

Then apply RIGHT. NOW!

This is YOUR Chance to SHINE at Tallaght Theatre

To Apply, logon to:


By tallaghttheatre, Nov 7 2013 01:18PM

On a cold, dark November night in 1963,

Four up and coming Liverpudlian singer / songwriters took to the stage of the Adelphi Cinema, Abbey Street in Dublin.

Little did many know then, that this band of lyrical geniuses would go on to rule the world of music and write themselves into the history books...

John, Paul, Ringo and George only ever played one show together in Ireland.

This would become the stuff of legends, as 2,000 eager fans and screaming girls packed the normally humble Adelphi cinema.

A night for those present, that would never happen again...

And although 50 years on, The Beatles performance, lyrics and music, has stood the test of time beautifully...

Sadly however, the Adelphi cinema did not...

In 1995, Following much decline and delapadation, it was decided to demolish the once iconic cinema to make way for a multistory car park complex.

Meanwhile in Tallaght, on the site of the Cuckoo's nest pub, the now firmly established Tallaght Theatre Group where in the process on building our theatre building, to which we live proudly to this date.

As TTG is a voluntary group, funds for the completion of the construction where tight.

With the stage and reception complete, the theatre was in need of professional stacked seating and sound proof double doors...

In an act of pure "chancing one's arm" the then Tallaght Theatre Board of Directors enquired with the contractor of the abandoned Adelphi cinema, if perhaps our humble group could save some of the venue's iconic seating and doors.

The agreement was accepted and with little under an hours grace, an army of TTG volunteers moved in on the once graceful cinema, where the superstars of the silver screen once played and the legends of music history performed, from The Beatles, to Louis Armstrong, Roy Orbison and even the Rolling Stones...

Having saved 125 seats and four sets of double doors from the historic venue, they where fitted to newly completed Tallaght Theatre, which opened to the public later that year.

Now in 2013, 50 years after John, Paul, Ringo and George performed their one and only performance on Irish shores, the very seats and doors from that event are still in use today at the Tallaght Theatre!

So next time you're kicking back to enjoy a TTG show, just remember the incredible events of the past,

Events we will never see again, and that the seat you sit in, played a pivital part in.

"There's more to Tallaght Theatre, thenjust the drama on the stage"

For more info on TTG and it's history, email: info@tallaghttheatre.com

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